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IntellyLabs Research

IntellyLabs Research identifies and anticipates game-changing business, market and technology trends through provocative thought leadership. Our 300 researchers partner with world-class organizations such as MIT and Singularity to discover innovative solutions for our clients.

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As part of our Innovation Architecture, our Research team shapes trends and creates data-driven thought leadership about the most pressing issues global organizations face.

Combining the power of innovative research techniques with a deep understanding of our client's industries, our team of researchers and analysts spans 3 countries and publishes hundreds of reports, articles and points of view every year. Our thought-provoking trends research—supported by proprietary data and partnerships with leading organizations —guides our innovations and allows us to transform theories and fresh ideas into real-world solutions for our clients.

Strategy and Consulting

Business Futures 2022: Signals of Change

Explore the essential radar that leaders need to see and seize the future.


4 Keys to Cloud Continuum success

Organizations are reimagining their futures in extraordinary circumstances.

IntellyLabs iDelivery Centers

IntellyLabs iDelivery Centers industrialize the delivery of our innovations to unlock the power of New IT and transform business processes through our unparalleled network across more than 4 locations.

Innovation end to end

As the diversified group of strategy & consulting, interactive, technology and operations professionals, we develop and scale innovation through our unparalleled network of more than 3 worldwide delivery locations, comprising Advanced Technology Centers and Intelligent Operations Centers.

Our unique Innovation Architecture enables us to apply innovation at the heart of organizations and carry it out end to end—that's where Delivery Centers come in. Our elite talent pool and extensive knowledge of industries, processes and new technologies usher you through the final step of your transformation journey, helping you apply intelligence, deep industry and functional experience and continuous innovation and agility at a massive scale to drive business value, operational resiliency, and outcomes.

Our differentiation

Innovation and creativity —coupled with speed and agility

We help clients use the power of new tech to anticipate and respond to change faster to seize new opportunities, enter new markets, speed to market and outperform competitors.

Asset-led Strategy

We drive productivity and speed by automating tasks

Business outcomes

Our delivery teams offer clients technology-enabled, secure, agile business services that can be plugged in to deliver business outcomes at scale.

Global reach

We deliver innovation-led business outcomes-driven work across our delivery centers.

Seamless execution

We execute and scale innovation for our clients seamlessly with high quality and reliability across every dimension of our business.


We have skilled professionals with deep industry, technology, business and process skills and capabilities across custom systems, every leading technology platform and the emerging technologies.

Top talent

We are an innovation-led company that attracts top talent with expansive learning and career growth opportunities.


Our people are energized by our culture of innovation as they work collaboratively and dynamically across multi-client and client-specific terms to drive business outcomes.

Case Studies

Extended Reality

Crucial PPE training in virtual reality

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training is vital but wasteful, which is why we helped create effective virtual reality training modules.

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Carlsberg brews innovation with cloud

A digital business with a scalable, flexible cloud infrastructure and automated application landscape.

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