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How does an organization leverage its data at the right moment to prevent its value from getting eroded?

While working with a large consumer brand, we discovered that 80% of their effort was invested in data preparation and only 20% in analysis. This meant that due to a time-consuming analytics infrastructure, by the time the brand had any access to the data, it had lost relevance.

IntellyLabs knew that the key was to turn this equation around by building an intuitive self-service data analytics model. With prior experience, we implemented an extreme automation tool that reduced data upload time by 70% and minimized the need for human intervention. Using our Analytics Workbench platform, we gave business managers the intuitive self-serve tool they needed. And in just three months, the results were visible!

The result?

40% reduction in time to market
10 x reduction in time for sandbox setup where we serve clients

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