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About Client

The customer is a health system in the US and has clinics and hospitals in its network.

Client Needs

The customer had siloed data from multiple sources and come in different formats such as flat files, HL7, CCDs, EMR databases, and different payer systems.

The customer was using spreadsheets and SQL for creating monthly and annual reports used for quality metrics from this data. Also, there was non-uniformity (unstructured) and inconsistency in the data sets, the entire data integration process was manual and prone to human error and led to inconsistent reporting.

Our Solution

Understanding customer requirements for data integration and reporting that needs to be done on a monthly and yearly basis.

Microservices architecture-based approach to segregate different applications and components for scalability and performance.

Transformation and Integration of different Clinical, ADT, Labs, and Payers data into a relational database such as snowflake on the cloud.

Automated the various and inbound(data that is input to the customer system) and outbound files(output data to the different systems for care reporting, quality metrics reporting )

create a web-based platform to show patient records, add self-serve user management(as per user personas), and access control for security and compliance Single sign-on implementation by integration with customers' active directory


  • Operational efficiency and seamless integration of data from disparate data sources, reducing the time to integration by 3x, giving a savings of at least 20k USD monthly or 240k USD on the yearly basis
  • Quality improvement by doing integration and automation testing
  • Removal of manual intervention and Seamless quality reporting
  • Self-served user management for access control across the platform
  • Customers can focus on patient outcomes using a Web based platform, removing manual intervention of looking at multiple disparate source systems to verify the clinical data points for a patient.
  • Scalable and highly available web based platform hosted on the cloud , lives/clinical data for new and existing patients can be added on the platform thereby reducing the manual intervention of adding more hardware to the on premise system.
  • Reducing the number of clicks and providing seamless login with SSO-based integration.
  • Highly scalable, data-driven outcome-based solutions to be built on top of the existing data points for a patient.

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