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About Client

Our Customer provides international standard doorstep electronic device repairing services.

Client Needs

Development of platform/product for processing of repairing orders coming from B2B and B2C customers, assignment of orders to repairing technicians and delivery boys, quality checks and quality sheets, and real-time tracking of order delivery.

Development of Android and IOS apps for B2B and B2C customers for user registration, placing repairing orders, payment processing, capturing order history, support requests, the status of orders, etc.

Our Solution

  • Understanding client requirements from a feasibility perspective, doing technical analysis, and providing elegant technical solutions to the customer
  • Microservices architecture-based approach to segregate different applications and components for scalability and performance.
  • Implemented a Kafka-based solution for real-time messaging, 2 million messages and emails per second can be handled by the system and can be scaled further.
  • Implemented in different languages(Internationalisation) for scalability across users.
  • Implemented the seamless digital payment system within the app so users can make their payments with credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and Online banking system.
  • Wallet functionality is utilised and used by B2B customers to seamlessly add commission generated in the app to the bank accounts.
  • Automation of order assignments, order pick up and delivery assignments through our designed algorithms has reduced the turnaround time(TAT) by 3x giving more than 1200 man hours monthly to service new customers.
  • The web platform is seamlessly integrated with different social media platforms such as google, facebook, whatsapp and instagram using APIs.
  • The Backend Web platform is implemented using the latest UI/UX web technologies such as Angular and HTML5.
  • The mobile application platform is implemented using Flutter for IOS and Android.


  • B2B and B2C customers can register and place orders with a click of a button.
  • Real-time tracking of orders and 24/7 support by placing a request in the system.
  • Customer orders increased by 4x in the 3 months time frame with operational efficiency and better tracking, there was considerable improvement in the quality which led to increased customer satisfaction and improved business outcomes.
  • Increase in operational efficiency, and integration with digital payment through APIs.
  • Highly available and scalable solution, simply download the application from the play store or app store and order a repair for electronic devices.

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