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For our clients, digital transformation is about enabling the business to continuously develop agile, effective response to the emerging challenges and opportunities. Their businesses have a transformation plan that is owned at the top and implemented by leaders downstream. They are equipped with what's needed to drive value from its execution. Yet many of them agree that they are yet to tackle the most important part of the transformation - how to do it. How to put together the people, processes and tools to enable successful execution and sustainability of results.

Many years of helping our clients through their digital transformation has shown us that a Live Enterprise is one that's continuously investing in reinventing its operating model with as much enthusiasm as reimagining its customer journeys and experiences. Our clients count on our operating models to help Navigate their Next.


For our clients, who are industry leaders, it is not about the next big thing, it's simply everything that's next. The next experience. The next innovation. The next possibility.

We work with them to go beyond band-aid fixes and design holistic solutions that can evolve to respond to emerging allied and adjacent problems. Whether it is a partnership to fashion a new UX or modernize the core or prototype a new digital offering, we take a holistic view of their transformation journey, find the allied problems worth solving and help them navigate their transformation from that point onward, more purposefully.

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Today's businesses are keen to crunch time and space between problem-finding and solution-building. On-demand in-person collaboration is often key to accelerating these outcomes. We are fully equipped to execute, at scale and speed, the transformation blueprint that we design. The IntellyLabs Technology and Innovation Hubs are our fail-fast-learn-faster agile co-creation environments for digital transformation strategically nurtured in those parts of the world where we have our deepest client clusters. These bring to our client engagements the advantages of on-demand, an in-person collaboration that is often key to accelerating enterprise-wide digital outcomes. These teams in our Hubs are amplified by ‘follow the sun’ agile teams anchored in our India development centers to drive scale across projects.


Truly digital businesses take the agile-approach enterprise-wide. It is in scaling that agile that many enterprises flounder. Our aim is to enable our clients to adopt agile, with governance that ensures frequent decision-making is managed by software. This agility is not compromised even when scaled exponentially.

We enable clients to scale agile and DevOps adoption across the enterprise, thereby accelerating their digital journey. We help them embrace agile ways of working, including training and reskilling their workforce. Our lean-based value stream models help visualize and accelerate throughput across the business value chain. Our customized agile methodologies address the needs of the complex enterprise technology landscape. We empower our clients to scale teams using talent pools in-market and at our proximity centers, amplified by teams across global locations.


To ensure we magnify the scale and scope at which people can act, our framework focuses on bringing extreme automation to the landscapes in which they operate, including automation of operations based on our understanding of their apps, data, infrastructure, and business priorities. Our people are trained to help businesses not just fulfill but also find new opportunities for intelligent automation. We use machine learning and analytics to take proactive action.

A big part of our automation solution is driven by self-healing and self-learning capability to fix inefficiencies end-to-end. This improves productivity – up to 10x times, saves time, saves resources, and takes routine tasks off human hands, so people then have the bandwidth and the resources to look beyond the activities better performed by machines.


We are adept at setting up a 'Digital Brain' for enterprises. This is instrumental in helping our clients learn from data collected from various sources, connect them across silos using knowledge graphs and then encode this intelligence.

We are also deeply invested in reskilling our workforce for these digital times. We are building upon our rich legacy as a learning organization. Because we ‘learn by doing’, our delivery centers and hubs leverage emerging technology capabilities, demos, and best-in-class solutions incubated at IntellyLabs globally. These assets, along with our digital studios, maker spaces, solution experience facilities, global learning partnerships with academia, and educational infrastructure, continuously amplify our workforce and the work they deliver for our clients.

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Discover range of service offerings for various Engineering Services. Let us know your areas of interest so that we can serve you better.

Request for services

Discover range of service offerings for various Engineering Services. Let us know your areas of interest so that we can serve you better.